hydraBOND™ Water Based Adhesion Promoter

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WATER BASE ADHESION PROMOTER hydraBOND™   DIRECTIONS FOR APPLICATION Remove surface rust, oils, silicone, dirt and other contaminants. Spray thin double coat 1 to 2 times Coverage should be 80g to 100g for 1 square meter Topcoat after 40 minutes at 20C degrees Temperature below 5C degrees or very high humidity may cause weak Adhesion. In such cases, apply heat …

24 Series SUPER Urethane Accelerator (Kicker)


24 Series 2K SUPER Urethane Accelerator 24 Series 2K SUPER Urethane Accelerator PRODUCT DESCRIPTION NOTE; This data relates only to the product designated herein and does not apply to use in combination with any other materials or in any other process. The data is not to be considered as a warranty or quality specification and we assume no liability in connection with …

24Series Fish-eye Prevention Aditives


24series 2K fish eye eliminator 24series 2K fish eye eliminator and ANTI-SILICONE ADDITIVE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: When 24series 2K fish eye eliminator and ANTI-SILICONE ADDITIVE is used correctly with HydraBOND products they fully meet the current national and SCAQMD VOC legislation. 24series 2K fish eye eliminator and ANTI-SILICONE ADDITIVE is a silicone-free leveling agent for use with 2K paint systems. It helps …

S+Plus Universal Primer Surfaser & Adhesion Promoter

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SURFACER+PLUS SURFACER+PLUS Amazing Bonding Strength! Applicable to most substrates ranging from metals, plastics, resins and even to hard to adhere plastics such as to PP A multi-functional primer designed to make every coating possible! A primer composed of denatured polymerized polyolefin based resin, predominant in chemical resistance, water proof and corrosion resistance. Bonding can be achieved, without using any abrasives …

CB+Plus Universal Adhesion Promoter

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clearBOND+PLUS ADHESION PROMOTER clearBOND+PLUS 50 state MIR rule regulations compliant   50 state MIR rule regulations Adhesion Promoter Made Exclusively for hydraBOND™ Inc. Aerosol Available for 50 state MIR rule regulations compliant Also available for Areas without the MIR regulation ( high MIR) please contact us for more details 

HB229 Automotive Masking Tape


 HB229 is a masking tape HB229TM is a masking tape that has been designed for high temperatures, automotive and industrial applications. HB229TM is solvent and thinner resistant, provides instant adhesion, possesses excellent quick stick properties and sticks to a wide variety of irregularly shaped surfaces. HB229TM possesses good mechanical strength and is compatible with solvent and water paints and leaves no adhesive transfer when …

Plastic Sheeting

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      hydraBOND™ is a high-density 9 micron polyethylene plastic sheeting that offers excellent cling properties without annoying static electricity, that can attract dust it is uniquely formulated to provide excellent auto body paint adherence. High- density tear resistant clear film. Twelve foot film accommodates smaller cars. Sixteen foot accommodates larger sedans, mini- vans, small pick up trucks, and …

Yellow 333 Premium Automotive Masking Tape


Automotive Refinish Masking Tape is designed for masking before painting — it bends and stretches to follow curved body lines with no edge lifting, leaves sharp paint lines, removes easily with no adhesive transfer. Waterborne paint compatible. Product Description: Automotive Refinish Masking Tape is a yellow crepe paper tape designed specifically for the critical paint masking processes used in the …